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I’m passionate about my work and take great joy in building meaningful relationships and collaborating with my clients to fully understand their social and branding needs.  I am an informer, not an enforcer, an interpreter rather than a dictator.

Discover more about the services I provide below and please get in touch with any questions.  Or just to say hello - freelancing can lead to many fruitless conversations with oneself.  Help a sister out.


I specialise in strategic social media management, which means I can set and deliver a clear plan, enabling you to achieve your business goals through the right social media channels. I offer all levels of support, from strategy setting to day-to-day social media activity management.  

Fog and Nature


I offer a unique professional perspective at the intersection of digital media and brand marketing strategy and make use of this in the design and implementation of social media training and coaching.  From an introduction to each platform, to hints and tips around feed management and analytics, if you want to manage your own social media but don't know where to start, just get in touch.


I can support and guide you through setting brand strategy, identity, planning, implementation and management.
I ensure this is a collaborative process with you - we will 
co-create the brand you want to own. l am passionate about bringing brands to life through creative communications and experiences in digital, print, display, film and event formats.

Misty Slopes
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